We are in Marche, a beautiful region in the centre of Italy, rich in arts, culture, creativity. Our territory is the expression of cultural varieties and of different traditions, aspects that make it unique and fascinating; in this contest the productive model was born, rich in harmony and perfection, that is the shoe model of Marche, very imitated all over the world.
Our brand was born here, identifying man-shoes with an important tradition behind it, started in 1910, continued after the war and made concrete in the 60s in a consolidated productive reality that made confer the important honour upon the owner of that time as “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (Knighthood on Labour ). Afterwards the shoes manufacture goes together with accessories production.
The most demanding international élite appreciates our production that is performed with old methods together with the technological development. Old methods oriented to the conservation of those manual workings that are irreplaceable if you want to keep undamaged what generations have acquired by experience, passing on to us those values that are our most important heritage. Heritage that is a solid basis to look ahead with a renewed passion.
Now the fourth generation looks at the future with trust in the shoe tradition, a typicalness of the environment where it works. Here since ever shoe masters have moulded objects that can be defined works of art for their uniqueness.